TIONG BAHRU: Cast Preview and World Premiere!

Cast, crew, friends and family joined filmmaker Joe Lawlor for a sneak preview of TIONG BAHRU on Monday, one day before its official world premiere at the National Museum of Singapore. Over 300 people from the local community came along to see themselves and their friends on the big screen and the film did not disappoint. The stunning vistas taken from the roof of the carpark of the Tiong Bahru were matched only by the beautiful portraits Joe, Christine and Director of Photography Daniel Low had made of the community, whose appearances were met with sighs, giggles and excited whispers. Host Chua En Lai added a bit of extra sparkle to the evening while the first screening ended with a loud round of applause. Joe then answered questions about the film, alongside TIONG BAHRU producer Dan Prichard, and the film was then screened again, so that the cast could once again enjoy their Hollywood moment.

The following night, the film moved on to the National Museum, where it received its official world premiere. Filmmakers Prashant Somosundram, Isazaly Mohamed Isa, Stephane Laserre and Tang Kang Sheng received their prizes, and the film was again introduced by director Joe Lawlor.

All cast members will receive in due course a DVD of the film, while TIONG BAHRU plays at the National Museum for consecutive Tuesdays across October (screening details here). It then heads to the UK for a 20 venue tour, premiering at the Encounters Short Film Festival in Bristol and opening also in London. An international tour is being planned, bringing TIONG BAHRU to audiences around the world.

Thanks again to our fantastic cast for believing in the project. Watch the trailer here.

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