‘murundak – songs of freedom’

‘murundak – songs of freedom’ journeys into the heart of Aboriginal protest music following The Black Arm Band, a gathering of some of Australia’s finest Indigenous musicians, as they take to the road with their songs of resistance and freedom.

From the concert halls of the Sydney Opera House to remote Aboriginal communities of the Northern Territory, ‘murundak’ – meaning ‘alive’ in Woirurrung language – brings together pioneering singers including Archie Roach, Bart Willoughby and the late Ruby Hunter, and a stellar lineup of emerging Indigenous talent including Dan Sultan, Shellie Morris and Emma Donovan.

Filmed against the backdrop of Australia’s changing political landscape, ‘murundak’ charts one of the most significant events in Australian music history as The Black Arm Band sing up the country’s troubled past through their stories of sorrow, anger and hope.

The film goes on limited national release from 7th April. Visit the website here.

“I was absolutely blown away by … MURUNDAK – SONGS OF FREEDOM … this is not just a performance film, it’s a message film, just like the performances themselves. The musicians sing their lives, their stories, their history with grief and with hope – some of the most moving moments I can remember in cinema in a long time. It’s been beautifully produced by Natasha Gadd and Rhys Graham, using archive material to look back at the origins of the songs of protest in the 1970’s, to explain the origins of that wonderful song From Little Things Big Things Grow, looking at the significance of Kevin Rudd’s apology and its aftermath. It’s a film for all Australians and judging from the response to the London concert, it reaches way beyond our shores. If you get a chance to see it, grab it.” Margaret Pomeranz, At The Movies

The Black Arm Band

Archie Roach
Bart Willoughby
Dan Sultan
Dave Arden
Emma Donovan
Gapanbulu Yunupingu
Jimmy Little
Joe Geia
Kutcha Edwards
Lou Bennett
Mark Atkins
Peter Rotumah
Rachael Maza Long
Ruby Hunter
Shane Howard
Shellie Morris
Stephen Pigram
Ursula Yovich

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