EAST WEST 101 explodes back onto SBS

One of the most acclaimed TV series of recent years, EAST WEST 101, returns to Australian screens on Wednesday 18th April.

The jewel in the SBS drama crown and the winner of a slew of honours, including Logies and AFI nods, EAST WEST 101 is a series about a major crime squad investigating crime in multicultural Sydney. It is based upon the experiences of actual detectives in a crime unit in Sydney’s western suburbs and is filmed on location in Auburn, Lidcombe, Redfern, Chinatown and Sefton.

“When we first started East West 101 we were living in a post 9/11 world, so it was very much about fear of Islam. The second season was about boat people and attitudes towards illegal immigration and what lengths governments and people would go to deal with that. Season three is about how the war goes on in Afghanistan and the effects of combat on service men and civilians and how that is reflected in Australia,” explained producer Kris Wyld.

“The series questions, what makes a hero? Is there even such a thing as a hero,” added Steve Knapman, fellow producer and the show’s creator.

Read the full story at Encore Magazine’s site, here and visit the EAST WEST 101 site here.

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