How does art help to make creative cities around the world?

Joe Lawlor will be taking part in a discussion at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney in June, as part of Creative Sydney, a fortnight long series of events exploring creativity, lifestyle, technology and business.

In Europe, shifting populations and the decline of the industrial economy has transformed where and how people live and work. In Asia, rapid urbanization and mass migration are reconfiguring social bonds and putting enormous pressure on cities.

In the face of major social and environmental change, how can art help? Does culture and creativity have a role to play in re-building human connections and making our cities greener, smarter, more welcoming places to live?

In the session, Joe will be exploring the positive potential for art and culture to engage people and transform cities, alongside Dieter Gorny and Katja Aßman from Ruhr 2010 (European Capital of Culture) and artists Markus Ambach (Germany) and Matthias Rick from raumlabor berlin (Germany).

Where?: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
When?: Saturday 11th June, 3.00 pm – 4.30 pm
Details: Creative Sydney

See the trailer of TIONG BAHRU, the latest in the CIVIC LIFE series by Joe and partner Christine Molloy, below.

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