Stephane Lasserre’s Where My Heart Was

Stephane Lasserre’s Where My Heart Was is a meditation on the en-bloc phenomenon and its negative impact on both Singapore’s architectural heritage and on community. It received a Special Mention by the Jury of WHERE THE HEART IS and was one of 19 which played in a series of openair screenings at Martin Place at the Sydney Film Festival in June 2011. It also features on the TIONG BAHRU DVD, which is now available from all branches of the NLB in Singapore.

Commented Christine Molloy: Where My Heart Was is not only a beautiful and evocative film, it is also political, suggestive of the bigger, more contentious issues that define people’s relationship to place in Singapore. Again, of all the submissions covering that kind of terrain it was easily the strongest in our minds.

Stephane is a resident of the Tiong Bahru estate and is a practising architect.

The Top 19 films from the competition, including Stephane’s film, screened at the Sydney Film Festival in June, in a special series of open air showings in Martin Place. Details, here.

Visit the WHERE THE HEART IS vimeo channel here.


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