Rediscover Singapore with Unseen/Unsaid is a beautiful blog, curated by a group of young Singaporean dreamers, who believe in little things that go a long way.

Derek Foo, Jeremy Tan, Lizzy Lee and Song Lim are aiming to capture Singaporean places, peoples, habits and idiosyncracies in a series of short films, photo essays and blog pieces, to which you are invited to contribute.

Check out the lovely first film from the blog’s short film series, Unseen/Unsaid, below.

Of Bread and Butter, the team write:

These traditional bakeries/confectioneries have survived longer than most of their competitors into the twenty-first century, and only a handful of their kind remain in business still. Rain or shine, day or night, we can count on them to deliver the goods. The dedication, consistency and monotony of their craft is reflected in many of our working parents, who have chosen to give us the best selflessly, no matter how difficult the process of raising us may be.

We look forward to seeing the whole series.

Visit the site here.

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