Rediscover the Unseen/Unsaid Singapore in Staying Home

The second in the Unseen/Unsaid series of short films from the guys over at has gone live, and is a portrait of HDB life, tinged with melancholy, in which the 1950s SIT flats of Tiong Bahru feature briefly.



HDB flats are a ubiquitous sight in Singapore, but we do not pause to look at them, and realize that every block and estate has it own uniqueness. Within its walls, these flats hold the stories, hopes and dreams of many. They are just like your everyday, under appreciated housewives – someone so intimately close to our daily lives, yet someone whom we tend to take for granted

Check out more about the project at

Do also see below a number of the outstanding entries to our WHERE THE HEART IS 90-second film competition, which take HDBs and the experience of HDB life as their central theme. You can see more films from the competition at the WHERE THE HEART IS vimeo channel, here.

Also, do check out Diya Tan’s affectionate portrait of void deck life, DOWNSTAIRS, here.



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