On Nurturing Creativity and The Weight of Silk on Skin

Preparation, Procrastination, Pressure – the three steps towards artistic production, according to playwright Huzir Sulaiman, in this fascinating and resonant TedX talk.

In the talk, Huzir reflects on the role of mentoring and teaching, the importance of being part of a creative community for young writers, and the creative process itself being ‘a mixture of marathons and sprints, sprints and marathons. The steady plod of quiet craftsmanship and the burst of wild genius’.

Huzir works across different media, art forms, and genres, telling stories that allow people to access complex ideas in simple, personal, human ways. He is the Joint Artistic Director of Checkpoint Theatre, which the Financial Times (UK) called “a repository of much of [Singapore’s] best stage talent.”

A celebrated playwright, his plays include the internationally acclaimed satire Atomic Jaya (1998), which asks what would happen if Malaysia decided to build an atomic bomb, and the forthcoming The Weight of Silk on Skin (August 2011), a meditation on women, beauty, love and loss, which will be presented as part of the Man Singapore Theatre Festival by W!LD RCE, which runs from 3 August to 21 August.

Sulaiman also writes for film, television and newspapers, and teaches playwriting at the National University of Singapore.

To book tickets for The Weight of Silk on Skin, visit the Man Singapore Theatre Festival, here.

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