The Channel 9 Tower in Sydney

While Joe Lawlor was in Australia for the Sydney Film Festival to present TIONG BAHRU at this year’s festival, he ran a number of filmmaking workshops around the idea of film, place and architecture.

At the end of each of the workshops, Joe challenged the filmmakers to make a 90 second film, in the spirit of the TIONG BAHRU film project’s 90 second film competition Where The Heart Is, exploring a particular place that had meaning for the filmmakers.

Jim Poe has come back with a striking and slightly unsettling portrait of the Channel 9 Tower in Sydney, built in 1965, which is soon to be torn down to make way for an apartment block.

Jim’s work makes an interesting companion piece to Stephane Laserre’s Where The Heart Was, an entry for the Where The Heart Is competition, which received special mention for its exploration of the condominiums of Singapore’s architectural past, doomed to fall victim to the developer’s wrecking ball as a result of the en-bloc phenomenon.

Check out more films from the competition at the Where The Heart Is vimeo channel, here.

TIONG BAHRU is now on tour as part of the Travelling Sydney Film Festival and places across September and October as part of Dublin Contemporary, Ireland’s leading visual arts exhibition.

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