TIONG BAHRU is off to Paris!

TIONG BAHRU recently played at the prestigious LES RENCONTRES INTERNATIONALES, taking place in Paris from 18th to 26th November.

Held at the Centre Pompidou and the Gaîté lyrique, the festival aims to create during 9 days a space of discovery and reflection between new cinema and contemporary art.

In the presence of artists and filmmakers from all over the world, this rare event will offer an international programme of film, video, multimedia. It includes 25 screenings, an out of town day with the visit of several exhibitions through the Ile-de-France Region, a cycle of debates and panel discussions.

Details of the TIONG BAHRU screening can be found, here.

This year’s programme has been selected from 5500 submissions as well as by invitations made to some artists and filmmakers. It is the result of an elaborate international search for works: 150 works from Germany, France, Spain and 40 other countries, gathering internationally-known artists and filmmakers with young artists and filmmakers presented for the first time.

Full details of the program can be found here.

TIONG BAHRU also played recently (11th/12th November) in Perth as part of the inaugural Singapore Short Film Festival, and in Cairns and Townsville in Queensland as part of the Travelling Sydney Film Festival, while six more screenings around Australia in early 2012 have just been confirmed.

To quote the film, “All things start small”. 🙂

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